Artist's practice.



Briefly introduce the artist–where, and when of making.

Introduce the artist’s practice.

Introduce their practice in the larger field of discourse (i.e.-film theory, post-internet art, zoology, anthropology, etc.)

And give us your thesis statement–what you will focus on and the idea you set out to prove or the proposal you are putting forth.

Body of text:

In the order that makes sense for your particular Case Study: Specifically describe works that support your thesis. Write out how you are thinking through this practice (the thesis statement). Define important terms and concepts related to the work. Be sure to cover not only the conceptual underpinnings of the work, but the materiality and process of the artist as well.


Beyond restating your thesis and what you’ve laid out to prove it, what new conclusions are drawn? What is the relevance of this type of work and process? This may be an opportunity to project forward the importance or urgency of this work in this particular moment. (After all, you as practitioners today must be responding to something of our zeitgeist that draws you to this particular artist’s work.)


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