Apple analysis project

Provide a one-page brief description and history of the company, and analyze its competitive position and growth opportunities.

Business Description:
Provide a brief description of the firm’s business.
Identify the business segment within the industry.
Identify the core / primary revenue sources for the firm.

Industry Analysis:
Provide an overview of the industry drivers, including key risk factors.
Industry risk factors are generally those outside direct control of management. For example: Fed Reserve monetary policy, government tax, rapidly changing technology.
Analyze your firm’s competitive position and growth opportunities. Use Michael Porter’s competitive strategy framework if you like.Historic Financial Analysis
Accounting & Financial Analysis
Analyze quarter-to-quarter (Q/Q) performance reflecting the firm’s operating trends.
Does the firm’s historic financial performance support management’s future goals and strategies for the business?
Is the firm’s historic financial performance in line with the industry norms?

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