Annotated bibliography on pharmacological and non-pharmacological sepsis


An annotated bibliography provides a brief overview of current available peer review research articles on pharmacological and non pharmacological treatment of sepsis including medical treatment , drugs , surgical treatment , iv-fluid replacement , nursing interventions . It is an organized list of research articles that includes a succinct description and evaluation of an article relevance to a topic. Each annotation is written in paragraph form and consists of no more than 250 words.

The peer reviewed articles should cover different aspect of sepsis. Not older than 5-8 years. They all must be peer review research articles.

When writing the annotated bibliography , make sure to follow the instructions as well as marking guideline

Purpose of an Annotated Bibliography is to:

  1. Review the current literature of a particular subject
  2. Provide an overview of research in the area of a particular subject
  3. Demonstrate quality and depth of reading on the particular subject
  4. Identify the variety of resources available
  5. Encourage critical evaluation of sources
  6. Identify areas of further research

Writing Style:

  1. Each annotation should be concise (250 words per annotation)+ introduction 250 and search strategy 250 words
  2. Summarizing the theme of the article
  3. Compare and contrast the article with other cited articles in the bibliography
  4. Explain how the chosen work illuminates the chosen bibliography topic

The contents of an Annotated Bibliography:

  1. APA referenced citation. The citation must go first followed by the annotation
  2. Evaluation of the author’s background, journal publication and target audience
  3. Provide a succinct overview of the article
  4. All the research peer reviewed articles should reflect comprehensive understanding of the whole treatment of sepsis .
  5. Identify the research methods, strengths, weaknesses and limitations
  6. Highlight any special features, such as charts,graphs etc, of the article that were unique or helpful
  7. Compare and contrast the article to other articles cited in the bibliography
  8. Discuss the relevance of the article to the chosen topic

Provide and justify a mark out of 10 for each article

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