Analysis of the Interventions to the Stone Distillery Building

Read and use all of the information that is provided in the uploaded folder to complete this Assignment.

Brief Description
For this assignment, you will be provided with a Statement of Significance for the Stone Distillery Building and descriptions of two interventions to the building that were carried out during a recent project. The description of the interventions will include photographs in order to help you understand the nature of the work that was undertaken. You should also review Victoria’s audio interview with Michael McClelland and Andrew Pruss of ERA Architects Inc.

Using the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, answer the following questions for each intervention:
1. What is the principal treatment type (preservation, restoration, rehabilitation)? Explain why.
2. Which character-defining elements were affected by the work?
3. Identify the 4 Standards that are most applicable to the interventions. Provide brief explanations of why they apply.
4. Identify at least 4 Guidelines (Buildings) that apply to the interventions. Provide brief explanations of why they apply.
5. Based on the Standards and Guidelines that you have identified, if you were a heritage planner, would you approve the project? Provide a justification for your position.
You should provide two sets of answers, one for each intervention. The answers can be numbered and do not need to be presented in the form of a report.


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