An Econometric Study of the Earnings of a Group of Immigrants in a Canadian

This assignment ask me to do the Stata output with 2011 national household survey, and based on Stata output to get mean value table (table 1) & regression tables (table 2,3,4), and then composed 1500-2000 essay on it, the detailed requirement is shown in “assignment 2” file. 

1. prof send us the example paper (similar structure to this one) I have already upload it in attached file, you can take a look, it will be helpful for the essay structure.
2. In this paper, prof ask edit the stata output to present it in a format
that is suitable for a table in a research paper. I have already got the stata output, and “do-file” if you need it, I can scan the stata output for you which i
3. For my research paper, I choose Southeast Asia immigrants (mainly from Vietnam) in Quebec. And compare to other immigrants and Canadian born, I go to prof office hour ask him about paper ideas, he says: focus on Vietnam refugees came Canada during 1975-1976, and research more sources related to this topic to compose whole essay.
4. for the table 1, is not a regression table, it is a mean value table.
What you can write:
eg: for wage variable, the people from southeast asia get less than Canadian born people
eg: for age: the mean age for southeast Asia (Vietnam) is 44 years old, is the oldest one among three groups, it can related to early years , Vietnamese refuges came to Canada, this the a reason why there age is the oldest.
(you can analysis it like this, and I will give you the code for variable, or you can check in code book , which I will upload)
5. for regression tables, eg: table 2
as you look the table, the coefficient is highlight in red: study in foreign country (-0.2629925), why I mention this number, I came to prof office hour, and let he look my stata output, he point out this number, and say:
it means: there is 26% less earning for female study in foreign country compare study in Canada, and also don’t forget analysis t-value.
6. table 3
0.0205692 I highlight in red, prof also point out it , means 2% more wage
-assignment requirement (attached file 1 ) —assignment 2
-My Table (mean value & regression table) (attached file 2) —Table 1 with title
-example paper (attached file 3)——–4116 example paper (table)
-code book ———————-attached file 4
-some tips to writer ————-attached file 5


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