Alternative Project Management Assignment

The project:
You have been asked to compare the transportation costs for travelling from SMC campus to UCLA campus. You are looking for the route and the method of transportation that will cost you the least. You will be required to use a PERT chart to complete your project.
The Requirements and Instructions
1. Learn about PERT Chart and its use
2. Look at a few sample charts on google by searching the images section by entering PERT Chart
3. Look at Google map and find the directions with the distance between to campus
4. Choose a method of transportation like bicycle, personal car, or bus.
5. Estimate the cost per mile for each type of transportation.
6. Add the cost for each segment of your trip
7. Choose three alternative routes for your trip and calculate the cost for each route
8. Select the least expensive route/mode of transportation
9. Draw a Pert Charts, include your calculation, and your final choice
10. Save the file under “Alternative Project management Assignment” and submit it in the dropbox for Project Management


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