Advanced Clinical Decision Making

Reflective Case Study Essay


The aim of this assignment is to write an essay which uses the clinical reasoning cycle (Levett-Jones et al., 2010) to present, analyse and reflect on a clinical decision based on a patient scenario that you have been involved in.



1) Explain the background situation, including current and related patient or case information and other influencing factors related to the clinical decision within the context of nursing practice and health care delivery. Provide relevant information including the pathophysiology or psychosocial aspects.


2) Provide a clear description of the clinical decision making process incorporating all of the eight stages of the clinical reasoning cycle (Levett-Jones et al., 2010). You only need to discuss one example of a clinical decision. The clinical decision you select can be a decision that went well or one with a negative outcome.


3) Explain the factors which influenced this clinical decision including the effectiveness of actions and explore errors which may have occurred.


4) Use a reflective model to reflect upon your experience of this process, including the negative and positive aspects of the decision and what aspects you could change for future nursing practice for yourself or other nurses. This may also include wider professional development for nurses.


5) Link your discussion to the relevant National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse.

3801NRS Assignment Semester 2, 2015


6) Ensure you use at least ten (10) different sources from the scholarly literature.


7) Ensure you maintain confidentiality. Do not discuss the facility, nurse or patient by name.


Other elements:

 Always refer to the School of Nursing & Midwifery Writing and Referencing Guide.

Ensure that you use scholarly literature1 (digitised journal readings DOI numbers in reference, research articles, relevant Australian Government reports and text books) that has been published within the last 5 years.

 Provide a clear introduction and conclusion to your paper.

 You may use headings to organise your work if you wish.

 The use of first person can be utilised through your writing.

 Use academic language2 throughout.

 Refer to the marking guidelines when writing your assignment. This will assist you in calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.

 State your word count (excluding your reference list) on the title page.

 Submit your assignment via Turnitin as per the instructions on your Learning@Griffith course site. [Submit in the ‘assessment’ tab].


1 Scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles are written by scholars or professionals who are experts in their fields, as opposed to literature such as magazine articles, which reflect the tastes of the general public and are often meant as entertainment.


2 Everyday language is predominantly subjective. It is mainly used to express opinions based on personal preference or belief rather than evidence. Written academic English is formal. It avoids colloquialisms and slang, which may be subject to local and social variations. Formal language is more precise and stable, and therefore more suitable for the expression of complex ideas and the development of reasoned argumentation.


Levett-Jones, T., Hoffman, K., Dempsey, Y., Jeong, S., Noble, D., Norton, C., . . . Hickey , N. (2010).

The ‘five rights’ of clinical reasoning: an educational model to enhance nursing students’ ability to identify and manage clinically ‘at risk’ patients. Nurse Education Today, 30, 515-520. http://doi:10.1016/j.nedt.2009.10.020


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