AAP Project

AAP Project
The listing is organized in no particular order.
• High level Proposed Upgraded drawing.
• Existing drawing,
• WAN links bandwidth in your group
• Inventory and IP scheme
• Scope of work or Design Requirements
The first task in network design or upgrading the network, is defining the scope of work. This scope of work is outlined in client’s Request for Proposal. This is your base line for developing the scope of work. Here you will start gathering information about client business goals and technical requirements. For business goals, interview upper management and for technical requirements, IT department will provide you the information. In real world this step is necessary to validate the information provided by the client’s RFP. In this project this part is missing. Either you can role play and interview each other to get the information or you can skip it. If you skip it your scope of work is client’s RFP.

Example Scope of work:

The scope of this project consists of major modifications to the existing network, along with the implementation of many new network devices and protocols. The main intent of this redesign is to improve network availability, network reliability, improved network security, creating a centralized network backbone, implementing the use of wireless access, as well as migrating form a PBX telephony system to an IP based telephony solution.
The proposed design will affect all areas of the current network. Implementing a centralized backbone and upgrading the speed of current links (from 10Mbs to 100Mbs) will greatly affect the entire network. Where the implementation of a new IP schema, the introduction of VLAN’s, and implementation of new routing protocols and security protocols will improve the network layer. Just as the implementation of wireless, redundant switches, along with the design of a network edge area will improve the data link layer of the network.
The scope for this project is that the redesign of the network meets the customer’s intent for the redesign. During the implementation phase of the redesign the entire network will be affected in some way, some improvements will have an immediate impact, while other improvements are going to take more time to implement and may cause some network disruption for a short time. However upon the conclusion of the design implementation the customer will have a greatly improved network, which will fulfill their needs for today and many years to come.
Second task is to prepare the existing drawings, if it is not provided by the client.

Third task is to prepare inventory list. This can be done by using software or physically verifying the existing equipment. Your inventory list should include currently operable equipment and new equipment (You can use inventory template of course module for guidelines). Since in the absence of any site visit, you can also assume that you discard all current network devices.

Fourth part is preparing high level proposed upgrade drawing. This drawing should include all key components of your network. (Key components: Connecting devices, Security devices, wireless devices, VLANs, and subnets of network) .

Fifth part is preparing IP scheme of your network

Final part is to calculate WAN links bandwidth for your voice network.



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