A fashion forecast

This semester long project provides each student with the opportunity to develop and present a fashion forecast.

Part 1: Team Research Paper: (worth 100 points toward project grade)
Your written paper will included the following eight sub headings.
In most cases each heading will have appendices with hardcopy support (APA citation of published articles, images, personal observations) for the written findings presented in the paper.

The project consists of four parts. Part 1, the team research paper, defines the target market and identifies forecasts for color, fabrics and styles

1. Zeitgeist: Describes the spirit of the times as it directly relates to the forecast for the target market.
A. Dominating events
B. Dominating ideals
C. Dominating groups
D. Dominating attitudes
E. Dominating technology

2. Trend Research: Describes fashion change theories and where trends can be seen taking place in consumer goods beyond apparel.
A. What fashion change theory supports the forecast? Of the theories discussed in class, identify two and explain in this section how these theories apply to the forecast.
B. Where else in consumer products can the identified trend be seen?
-Automotive, home furnishing, technology, cosmetics, art, etc…

Expect to be writing between 1 to 2 pages of commentary for each section listed above.
Font: Times New Roman, size 12
Spacing: Double spaced
Works cited: APA Format required


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