A bibliography

 For this assignment, you will write a bibliography including five sources about one topic dealt from the unit. Basically, you should approach the assignment as if you were finding sources to write a research paper on your chosen topic. But you will not actually write the paper.
Your topic should be the primary focus of the entire source. For example, you would choose an article that focused just on Don Quixote, rather than an article that discussed Don Quixote and some other work or topic. Do not include book or drama reviews in your bibliography.
At the beginning of your bibliography, state the theme you are researching. The source entries should be written in MLA documentation style.

After each source, write a 200-250 word summary of the source. The summary should be detailed and specific; it should include all of the major points made in the source, and it should be written in your own words, not quoted from the source. A good approach is to read a few pages, write a sentence explaining in your own words what the author said in those pages, and then do the same for the next few pages. Sometimes, authors of articles will write their own abstracts; however, do not use an author’s abstract for your summary.

Your summary does not need to evaluate the source; in other words, you do not need to discuss the usefulness or quality of the source. Instead, just summarize the content.

The assignment should be typed and double-spaced, with one-inch margins. You do not need a title page. Instead, at the top left corner of the page, put your name, “English 2332,” and the date you turn in the assignment. Title the assignment “Annotated Bibliography.”


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