982 Professional Air Traffic Controllers Strike (PATCO)

Each student will conduct independent research on a topic which deals with a single Labor/Management confrontation. This did not necessarily have to end up with a work stoppage. You will research this confrontation and discuss the following in your paper and presentation. 1. Discuss briefly management and its history. Management could be a corporation, a government, a governmental agency, etc. In addition, I want you to research and discuss management’s relations with its unions in the past. 2. Discuss the union, its origins and its history with management. When did the union come into being? How have the union/management relations been in the past? 3. Discuss any work confrontations or work stoppages that occurred prior to the one you are researching. Work confrontations can include strikes, walkouts, lockouts, sit-downs, etc. 4. Discuss the negotiations leading up to the current confrontation. How many negotiations were there? Where were they held? Were the negotiations cordial? Was there violence? Did both sides appear to be negotiating in good faith? 5. Discuss management’s agenda in the negotiations. In other words what was
management trying to achieve? 6. Discuss the union’s agenda in the negotiations. In other words what was the union hoping to achieve? 7. Was there a breakdown in the negotiations? Was there any attempt to bring in a third party to help mediate or arbitrate the talks? 8. If there was a work stoppage, discuss it. When did it start? Was there violence? How long did it last? Did the government have to intercede on the behalf of either party? 9. What was the resolution of the conflict? Specifically discuss what management achieved and what the workers achieved versus what they were looking to achieve in the first place. Was there compromise. 10. In your opinion, was there a winner and loser in the conflict? Discuss why. 11. Discuss any lingering issues or concerns after the work stoppage. I am looking for a research paper constructed in strict accordance with APA writing style, specifically the Sixth Edition of the APA handbook.


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